Rupture Disk


Monoblock Graphite Disks

Replaceable Element Disk

BS&B manufactures each graphite rupture disk (bursting disc) from a pure block of graphite. By impregnating the porous graphite with resin, you can be assured of a product that can withstand almost any aggressive chemical attack. Our manufacturing process achieves:

  • Wide range of sizes from½" (12mm) to 60" (1200mm)
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Operating temperatures up to 400º F, rising to 800º F with the Hi-Temp Assembly (HTA) upstream of a disk
  • Large burst pressure range (0.25 - 1000psig) (0.017 - 70 Bar)
  • Zero manufacturing design range
  • Tight burst pressure tolerances
  • Supplied complete with gaskets for immediate installation and reduced downtime
  • Elevated temperature testing at no additional charge
  • Low KR (Flow Resistance) – Consult BS&B